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so much through which to sort

It’s Sunday and I’m back at it. Here in Tuscaloosa, we sprint toward the end of the semester (thankfully, with an extra hour of sleep). I do as much shortly after returning from the Southern Historical Association (SHA) meeting alternately energized and reflective about so much, but above all, how so much of what happens… Continue reading so much through which to sort

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mix tapes and essays graded. well done, students!

One of the neat things about the mix tape and mix tape essay assignment for my “Bebop to Hip Hop: Young America and Music” course is being introduced to music  I’d hadn’t heard or paid much attention to before (loved  “music is all we got” sentiment expressed  in  “All We Got”  by Chance the Rapper… Continue reading mix tapes and essays graded. well done, students!

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spring with the city in view

Yesterday I finally saw “Queen of Katwe,” a motion picture about an African girl who becomes a chess champion. I was struck by the power surrounding the word “city” as her instructor shared stories of how he felt alongside seemingly better chess players who resided in urban spaces. I was reminded again of the importance… Continue reading spring with the city in view

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Hobson City via photos from young women

I was touched last night to see my colleague Michelle Robinson, a professor in the University of Alabama’s Department of English, present a project on which she has focused her energies for nearly two years. Working with three graduate students, she answered a call by the mayor of Alabama’s Hobson City to recover the town’s… Continue reading Hobson City via photos from young women

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on friendship, “woman” and the West

Okay, so the Miami Heat didn’t beat Toronto. I saw as much while waiting in Denver’s airport yesterday.  A Lebron-DWade match up would have been nice. Having just had a great time at the 48th Western Association of Women Historians (WAWH) meeting, I was not entirely bummed though. At this conference, I was reminded of… Continue reading on friendship, “woman” and the West