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on moonlight and more

I enjoyed sitting on a panel today with fellow University of Alabama professors Adams Brooks and Robin Boylorn of the Department of Communication Studies and poet L. Lamar Wilson (also a fellow Floridian), of the English Department, at the student-run Black Warrior Film Festival. We addressed filmmaking in the age of  “Moonlight,” the recent Oscar-winning Best… Continue reading on moonlight and more

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the horrors…the bridges…the stories

Tonight as I watch WGN’s “Underground” television drama, which poignantly addresses the issue of slavery by often featuring women on the run, I have in the back of my mind “Why Nott,” an event  I attended at the University of Alabama only a couple of hours ago. “Why Nott” was a culminating discussion concerning the history… Continue reading the horrors…the bridges…the stories


going out on limbs – the passing of Trisha Brown, a choreographer

I just learned of the death of choreographer Trisha Brown. Her legacy includes legitimating the movements of the untrained. When I left New York in 2003 for graduate school (on the heels of being laid off in the wake of the Twin Towers falling), I headed not to a History program, but a dance one. With… Continue reading going out on limbs – the passing of Trisha Brown, a choreographer