higher education

eight more days


Eight more days until my first teaching day. Can’t wait to meet students in my “American Civilization Since 1865” and “Antebellum America” course. Regarding the latter, we will use Tuscaloosa as a “lab” to study space and power. More on that down the road. For now, know that if we are in an actual classroom longer than a half hour every week with the exception of three weeks owing to lesson plans (and maybe other weeks owing to bad weather), I have failed my students.

Beyond that, it was so good being reminded of the beauty of collaborative eyes. Christy Matson, a talented weaver and my fellow artist-in-residence at Textilsetur in Iceland last summer, asked for more information about my recently posted photo of late nineteenth century Tuskegee students in an upholstery course. I replied something along the lines of how they reveal the possibilities of a more nuanced political resistance. She brought to my attention how the students were learning how to weave. Makes sense and almost certainly figures into the self-reliance teachings at this historically African American Alabama institution of higher learning.


In between the many things still swirling around me, a highlight was seeing the Charlie Wilson concert at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheatre last week, and just breathing. I have learned of many people passing away in a span of just two weeks including Dawn of Little Manila of San Francisco State University, the historian mentioned in the previous post. She’s a dear friend of my dear friend Celine Shimizu Parrenas. We are blessed to do what we do for as long as we get to do it.


Charlie reminded us of that last Friday.  Above is a photo of a vintage dress from a neighborhood yard sale. I wore it on campus today. I think I am ready for another school year.

IMG_2155.JPGI await it and the seeds growing in these sunflowers in my back yard. They are beyond their prime, but still filled with great beauty.

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