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Students rocked Antebellum America presentations

We did it, Antebellum America students! It was so great learning about our shared past with you. Told you by the time we got to the end of the semester you will have heard more than you want to know about “American character” as defined by French junior judge Alexis de Tocqueville and how it… Continue reading Students rocked Antebellum America presentations

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Bryce Hospital tour went well

I had been telling the students enrolled in my “Antebellum America” course all semester about what it is like to stand in the dome at the top of Bryce Hospital. Here, Landon Garland, a University of Alabama President, and his wife, Louisa, stood in April 1865 as Union soldiers approached Tuscaloosa, intending to burn down… Continue reading Bryce Hospital tour went well

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visits to historic sites went well

I had a blast on yesterday visiting four historic sites – the Old Tavern, Capitol ruins, Jemison Van de Graaff Mansion and the old L & N railroad station (present-day 301 Bistro, Bar and Beer Garden)  – in Tuscaloosa with my Antebellum America class. It was hot, but we got through it. One highlight was… Continue reading visits to historic sites went well