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Bryce Hospital tour went well

I had been telling the students enrolled in my “Antebellum America” course all semester about what it is like to stand in the dome at the top of Bryce Hospital. Here, Landon Garland, a University of Alabama President, and his wife, Louisa, stood in April 1865 as Union soldiers approached Tuscaloosa, intending to burn down… Continue reading Bryce Hospital tour went well

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renewed in an aswad-kinda way

Still basking in the light of the Association for the Worldwide Study of the African Diaspora (ASWAD) meeting, which was held this past week in Williamsburg, VA. There are few words to capture how uplifted one feels at this event. While at the airport, preparing to return home, I spoke to Siima Itabaaza, an independent… Continue reading renewed in an aswad-kinda way