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I enjoyed seeing Harriet, the 2019 motion picture directed by Kasi Lemmons last night. While I hear the chatter over how much was fictionalized, it was still very entertaining and moreover, I left the theatre feeling very empowered.IMG_7399.JPG

I saw the film courtesy of tickets purchased by my UA colleague Lesley Gordon, Director of our Summersell Center for the Study of the South. The Tuscaloosa chapter of Jack and Jill, a service organization bringing young people and their parents together for shared enrichment of themselves and society, were the hosts of the private screening.



Some of my UA colleagues joined us at the theatre where we ended the evening with James Weldon Johnson’s “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing.” Powerful.



It was a lovely end to a great Fall Break that also included time in Orange Beach where I saw the most gorgeous sunrise.



I came home and used my M.A.C. pink hair color spray on my newly braided hair. Fun march to the last four weeks of the Fall Semester.

IMG_7385 (1)

And oh, yes, had a great Halloween, too. Can you say “Jimi Hendrix?” Yes, I am already looking ahead to my “Music and Race in the UK” course next summer in the Alabama at Oxford program and an Independent Study with an undergrad over the Christmas Break through next semester. Both “classes” will draw attention to the cross fertilization of music between the UK and the United States, which will include attention to the experiences of Hendrix, a Seattle native.





Harriet, thank you for being such a great example and giving me the courage. Every good thing from that film stays with me as I try to do my part to make this world a better place.


PS Looking forward to presenting on Zora Neale Hurston’s understudied time in Miami, Florida, my hometown, this week at the Association for the Study of the African Worldwide Diaspora (ASWAD) meeting in Williamsburg, VA, this Wednesday. Roll Tide!640px-Zora_Neale_Hurston_NYWTS.jpg

With Zora and Harriet as sheroes, I’m set.

2 thoughts on “harriet

  1. As always, a great post! And there you go again reminding me how I was born too early to have had you as my professor! That Music and Race in the UK course sounds phenomenal!! Looking forward already to your updates on that! ❤


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