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Hobson City via photos from young women

IMG_1683I was touched last night to see my colleague Michelle Robinson, a professor in the University of Alabama’s Department of English, present a project on which she has focused her energies for nearly two years. Working with three graduate students, she answered a call by the mayor of Alabama’s Hobson City to recover the town’s past. Robinson did as much by working with five young women in Hobson City. They took photos that gave voice to their impressions of their town and themselves.

Ordinary things like the town’s only gas station take on new meaning when seen through the eyes of young people who see value in their collective past.

Alberta McCrory, Mayor of Hobson City, who met Robinson at a festival honoring Zora Neale Hurston in Eatonville, Florida, last year, was present at last night’s reception. McCrory’s words and vision for the city were also encouraging. The students’ work and that of Robinson and her graduate students is now an exhibit at the Paul Jones Gallery in Tuscaloosa through September 30. For more information, visit this UA website .IMG_1684IMG_1701IMG_1712





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