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on judgement and self determination

This is one of those rare weeks when what I am teaching in my intro-level course “American Civilization Since 1865” undergraduate class overlaps nicely with what is being discussed in my “Gender, Race and Urban Space” graduate class. In the former,  I am addressing turn of the century reform efforts, hardening attitudes toward race and… Continue reading on judgement and self determination

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Detroit days meet important monograph

I am so looking forward to an upcoming meeting with my “Gender, Race and Urban Space” graduate students. After Spring Break, we turn to Tiya Miles’ recently published historical study on Detroit. Last fall, I told Tiya, a cherished colleague, about how her book helped me see why I felt strong as a woman of… Continue reading Detroit days meet important monograph


mapping compexity in & outside classrooms

    I look forward to today’s conversation with graduate students in my “Gender, Race and Urban Space” course. We will take up excerpts from W.E.B. DuBois’ 1899 study on African American life in Philadelphia, excerpts from St. Clair Drake and  Horace R. Cayton’s 1945 study on Chicago and Gilbert Osofsky’s 1968 essay on the… Continue reading mapping compexity in & outside classrooms