About Me

My name is Sharony Green. I teach history at the University of Alabama.  This blog is called “catalogue” as a way of referencing a historian’s love for things in libraries like printed materials, among them books. The title of this blog is also one way to reference the tensions between old and new ways of conducting research. Finally, the blog is a way to  simply create a record of my interests, most of them related to my teaching and research. In other words, here I create an archive of my work in and outside the classroom. It is, therefore, citable.

Copyright holders retain all rights to “fair use” images.

My website is here.

PS It may be worthwhile to see earlier blogs as they existed before I consolidated. See

Gender, Race and Urban Space

The Nineteenth Century City

Revisiting the Second Ghetto Thesis




One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Ms. Perry:

    Please reach out to Callie Rhodes, a graduate student in the History Department at the University of Alabama. She has done extensive research on Perteet’s life. Her email address is Callie Rhodes ‎cvrhodes@crimson.ua.edu. Best, Sharony


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