masks for medical workers…giving it a try


Above is a piece of cloth from the 1970s. My late mother in law may have used it for a dress. It was in her cedar chest along with the unopened flat sheet below.

IMG_9357 (1)


I took out a 1970s Singer sewing machine a friend gave me a few years ago.


Wish me luck as I try to make masks for medical workers at UAB and DCH hospitals.IMG_9360

I got my sewing badge as a Junior Girl Scout, but I mostly sew by hand. I do remember sitting in fabric stores, poring over Butterwick and Simplicity pattern books with my mom in the 1970s. Sometimes she let me sit behind her sewing machine. I was more into reading and drawing though. For these desperate times, I will give it another try. I will also start our garden. The sun is out and I think we may have had our last frost. In the 90s this Friday. Yikes. Stay health and safe, y’all.



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