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Dr. King and Miami

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Six-year-old Robin Arrington, daughter of a Miami Southern Christian Leadership Conference attorney, leans on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s shoulder in 1966 in Miami.
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1965 – Harry G. Boyte, special assistant to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., speaks to University of Miami students majoring in social sciences and human relations.
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When Dr. King regularly visited Miami, he stayed at the Hampton House in Liberty City. In 1960, one of the earliest versions of his “I Have A Dream” speech was given at this hotel, which across the years housed Muhammad Ali, Sammy Davis, Jr., Jackie Robinson and other notables.


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Ray Bellamy of Palmetto, Florida, commits to Miami in December 1966, seven months after King’s visit to the city. I was so pleased to also know that in 1977, Miami became the first city in the country to organize a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

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