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till 8 x 8 x 8 is four

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Reading behind Tuscaloosa’s Monarch Espresso Bar.

I had so much fun reading from three works at Pure Products, an event sponsored by the University of Alabama’s Department of English’s Creative Writing Program. The first was “Makes You Happy,” a monologue heard underneath a choreopoem I directed and choreographed in part in 2005 for the 3rd Annual Greensboro (NC) Fringe Fest.

The second piece was a poem titled “Zora in Miami.” Writing it was one way to decompress from the archival research recently undertaken to explore the anthropologist-folklorist Zora Neale Hurston’s understudied time in Miami.

The third is a short story on which I have been working since a 1998 visit to Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ house in the Gulf.

Me with my colleague John Beeler and sorority sister Kaye McKendrick and her husband Dr. Paul McKendrick!

It was great seeing old friends and new ones as well as a former student.


It was so nice of Eric Parker and Sara Pirkle of UA’s English Department to take a chance on a historian who uses creativity for her research and her own soul. There is a difference, y’all.


Great fun presenting with the other readers!

Me on the far right with Wells Addington, Kira Frank and Saul Alpert-Abrams.

I look forward to revisiting the piece on Zora for the upcoming Big Berks conference at Johns Hopkins in Maryland. I present the afternoon of May 28th!


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