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the blues


I braided periwinkle extensions into my hair yesterday. As I head into the archive next week, I do as much with the blues. Blue as in pursued tranquility.

It’s a busy and stressful moment in this country’s history. A dear friend confessed she recently cried for no reason.

She’s not alone. As we age, such things are normal. But periwinkle hair? That’ll give anyone lift. And if not, whatever works….IMG_8043.JPG

I had a great Thanksgiving, but have a lot on my mind beyond Bama losing to Auburn. But I find my center as best I can. Turning to my art, my faith and research helps.


Tonight, I will listen to my colleague Hilary Green read poetry.


For now, I remember the fun in Buc-ee’s near Orange Beach, Alabama and the shoreline. This Wal-mart-like rest stop is otherworldly! The best beef brisket sandwich. We stopped there on our way to the beach for the Thanksgiving break.

94194098-B679-4C7A-AFF8-3ADEA80D0560.JPGI also love these belts that my husband brought back from some thrift stores while we were on the coast. I said “buy two belts.” He customarily overdoes everything. This time I am glad he did. The colors are awesome! Yes!

Beyond that, I also get joy from listening to an old school mix tape I made about 11 years ago (It is being digitized and I shall share shortly). That and Motown Christmas music always gets me in a good mood.

I am also enjoying the memory of the students enrolled in this semester’s “American Civilization Since 1865” class. Save two students, most of those who showed up were still seated when the credits rolled for the Muscle Shoals documentary, an end of the semester extra credit assignment.

They were challenged to think through the limitations and possibilities of the postwar period while watching this movie, which addresses Alabama’s rich musical history. I don’t think they will listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” the same way again.

Our rich and contradictory past and present confounds. I am grateful for the contradiction though. It suggests there is always good amid so much that isn’t working. So much still is.

As the Staple Singers sang with Little David (Hood) on bass, there’s a place where ain’t nobody crying. Yeah. But we can try that on this side, too.


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