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another great kentuck

Painting by Winter Haven, Florida artist Donald Stone Jr.

I don’t get to paint as often as I’d like. But I sure do get to enjoy great art in Tuscaloosa. Some of the best moments to see such art occur during our annual Kentuck Art Festival. While there, I purchase and enjoy looking at art. I also enjoy speaking to local and national artists. This year, I especially enjoyed speaking with Donald Stone Jr. of Winter Haven, Florida. His colorful paintings pay homage to our beloved home state (he’s really a native of Connecticut) and other things including our need to care a little more about each other.

Donald Stone Jr. of Winter Haven, Florida
We purchased this piece from Donald Stone, a Kentuck Art Festival artist.

IMG_7005.JPGI also enjoyed meeting Amy Lansburg, a sculptor who works with driftwood found on the shores of Lake Superior.

Some of Amy Lansburg’s wood pieces.

She lives between Jacobsville, Michigan and Valdosta, Georgia.IMG_6994.JPG

Artist Amy Lansburg of Jacobsville, Michigan and Valdosta, Georgia.

In addition to meeting these two kind souls, I saw many familiar faces. Indeed, a colleague said it is hard to see the art because one keeps stopping to talk to friends.



One of the colleagues at Kentuck was Dr. Heather Kopelson whose knitted items were a joy to see. I took her knitting and women’s work course a couple of years ago before leaving for an artist residency in Iceland. The work of other artists and crafters is below.





One of Amy’s pieces now hanging in my home office.


I love the grace of this figure. It warms my heart. Warmth is a good thing as I finally take out autumn  and winter clothing! Brrrr.

Meanwhile, on to the Second World War in my “American Civilization Since 1865” class and a visit to the Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum to learn more about the Civil War’s impact on Tuscaloosa history for my “Antebellum America” students. The latter class will be tasked with thinking through how “American character” as defined by a French judge manifests in this country and in this city in the years leading to a pivotal war.



PS Thank you, Kentuck Art Center, for the two of the 200 free festival entrance tickets you gave to Alabama artists.

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