adorable new friend


Look who showed up yesterday. Has her shots. Needs a home. Won’t give her to just anyone. Two of our four feline friends are part of the “Welcome Wagon.” The other two are not interested at all. Youngest is the biggest and very territorial. Since she’s a tiny 18-month-old, we shall keep them separated. We’ll see how it goes. What a sweetheart. We’re calling her Annie.

4 thoughts on “adorable new friend

    1. She truly is. Except I’m getting bronchitis. Our other four babies have the run of one side of our house to reduce the impact of my allergies. Two of them haven’t warmed to her and because she’s tiny, we can’t leave her unsupervised. So she’s in the side of the house where my husband and I sleep and work. If you know of anyone you trust who might want her, please let me know. She’s very mellow!

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  1. I will let you know if I come across anyone. There’s a facebook Feline Friends of Tuscaloosa where people list cats who need homes. Since many people there are into TNR and rescue, they’re probably mostly reliable.


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