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new school year and The U


First week of new school year went well. As I revise my present manuscript, I smile at the hoopla in Alabama over tomorrow’s University of Miami and University of Florida game. I am a Miami alum, having attended when we were first winning national championships in the eighties. Above is a picture of my second dorm room. I am also a Tide fan. I don’t get why the convo with Miami is so heated. Maybe it’s the arrival of head coach Manny Diaz. Or maybe Miami’s legacy is still that powerful nearly twenty years after their/our last national championship. No matter what, I can’t wait for season opener in 2021 between Bama and Miami. Talk about a divided household.IMG_2274.JPG

Below is a photo of me when I was still pledging Alpha Kappa Alpha in Fall 1986 at UM. Behind me is the Metrorail and behind the rail on that my late Mississippi-born grandfather helped build in the seventies is UM’s campus.

IMG_6279 (1)

How my first roommate and I dealt with the humidity, the heat and the car fumes while walking along US 1 to the cafeteria on the side of campus where most of the classrooms were located is still beyond me. Speaking of rails, below the monorail at Disney World is behind me. I had just graduated from UM. My grandmother sponsored a trip to Disney for me and my then-boyfriend. I have been to Disney just once since 1989, the year I graduated from UM. I long to return.


But I mostly long to see Miami beat Florida tomorrow. #TheU Yay, football season is back!

PS I have some pretty cool students this semester, too. Highest moment this week: having an undergraduate tell me she knew the limits of the southern belle stereotype because she went to an all-girls high school where they taught things like that. Whoot whoot!

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