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As printed elsewhere, I recently learned that I will be able to travel to Cuba as part of my university’s Cuba initiative. It will be a wonderful chance to push my thinking on my spatial politics research, which was initially conducted during an artist residency  in Blonduos, Icelandin 2017. There, I made art with other artists while tracking my impressions of the world around me as I moved through space. I have not visited Havana since 1996 when I traveled with Global Exchange. I wonder how the upcoming January visit will compare with my time in Iceland and in Havana in 1996.

Me in Havana in 1996
S Green and Fellow Artists in Residence.JPG
Me with fellow artists in Blonduos, Iceland in 2017.
Knitting Circle in which S Green participated. Organized by Swedish weaver Kerstin Lindstrom.JPG
While in Iceland, I loved seeing this little girl running during a knitting circle event curated by my fellow artist-in-residence Kerstin Lindström of Sweden.

One of my resulting pieces made at Textilsetur in Iceland is below.Untitled

As a researcher, I am attentive to agreements about borders. What will travel to Cuba mean for a woman of color born and raised in Miami with roots in the South and the Caribbean of which Cuba is a part, if recent research is considered? How will my impressions evolve artistically and analytically? I look forward to new discoveries. Along the way, I will pay close attention to what the light looks like in January in Cuba when compared to the light in northwestern Iceland in June two years ago. As someone who grew up in Miami, I am very attuned to such things, but also other things including the smell of salt in the air, language, movement, mobility, and so much more.

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