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summer feels


I am feeling summer. A visit to the The Rivermarket – a.k.a. the farmer’s market – always leaves me energized. The taste of local produce is a reminder of how blessed we are. These are as sweet as any peach I have ever tasted. The colors of this food are also uplifting. They bring memories of the days when I sold produce with my grandparents in Miami’s Coconut Grove Farmer’s Market before everything got so fancy down there.IMG_5994.JPG

I also got this okra. I am in an okra mood. These will go good with the tomatoes and onions that were also purchased. I first fell in love with okra during a summer journalism program at Florida A & M University. I was in my senior year of high school. Okra was always in the buffet line in the cafeteria.



I have a mind to make a Hungarian dish with these red potatoes. A Hungarian friend from my grad program in History taught it to me. The man from I purchased these potatoes wanted to know the recipe. I happily shared that all you need is some good white cheese, good salami, a few boiled eggs sliced, and these potatoes peeled, sliced and boiled. Layer it all like lasagna. Good eating!


Local honey is always good for the allergies.


But as the fall semester looms, I am most feeling these peaches –


and my new custom tshirt paying homage to Nina Simone’s “Four Women.”


Nothing like some flowers to make it all lovely, too!

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