Oh, for community. Oh, for the moments when we come together. Grateful for TCM Party for Julie Dash’s 1991 Daughters of the Dust tonight. Thank you, Ava!


“As far as this place was concerned, we were never a pure woman…Protect us.”

On the 19th day of August 1902 they left these islands…perhaps to never see us again I was born here before Nana pass on. We remain behind growing older, wiser, stronger.

Below is a photograph of me in my favorite Daughters of the Dust outfit. 1996. Brooklyn.


Postscript: Learned today about the passing of Joy Street Suzan Pitt, an experimental animator with a tie to the University of Alabama. I look forward to learning more about her work.

Persistence of Vision from Suzan Pitt on Vimeo.


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