Livin my best life


4A898E96-41FC-4E97-A86C-47D7F00EEF1E.jpegOn the train.

Lovely visit to Atlanta. Saw old and dear friends. Made new ones.

296DE860-B37D-497E-B807-F993488BED50.jpegHighlights include visit to Larry Walker’s studio and meeting his wife Gwen, who is also an artist. Fun times shared with my UA colleague Ellen Spears.

B091810D-AE6E-42D3-88DB-1031C96182C6Also visited – at last – For Keeps bookstore. Rosa, the amazing proprietor, is a reminder of our fierce intellect and open/no limits hearts.

3D3FD796-82D6-491E-8E67-7B77E02DC323.jpegThe staff at The Glenn hotel, which is in a historic building, were some of the best souls I’ve met in hospitality. Thanks, Marshall, Ty and Logan among others including Spencer and his partner in life whose name I failed to get.


And there were also deep convos with two dear friends I’ve known for years. The sort for whom present-day messaging moments would never do when it comes to authentic presence/listening/hearing/being (KB and Nick Chiles, you rock, my brothers).

2204209B-3F42-4B14-951E-BFF4FB6115DC.jpegI cherish such encounters in these difficult, but still rich times. Thank you for being you, for completing sentences and asking needed questions that continued as I read Saidiya Hartman’s latest, a gift from For Keeps. Free of charge. Who knew? Indeed, “our” collective utterances can indeed be heard.”



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