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Made carrot crumb bread with cinnamon and cranberries yesterday. Locally grown carrots. That’s my berry/peach jelly on it, too. Yum with cardamon in my coffee this morning.


Meanwhile, I make art in between prepping for next semester and other things swirling around, scholarly and otherwise. On my desk is none other than Zora Neale Hurston and Harriet Tubman’s eyes.


This piece of found wood was actually something I started working on late last summer.


This painting/collage was done last Christmas. It reflects one way I sort through my aging my mother’s challenges. Trying to cherish every moment and stay strong.


I love this quick collage that started with a watercolor made a few months ago. I love returning to old work. There’s a print of a vintage photo and the eyes of (s)he-ro Harriet Tubman, freedom fighter of all time.


Added braids this week. #cheer #fun #okay?

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