This image is part of my journey inside academe. It is a snapshot of a video taken by a classmate at the 2005 premiere of “Makes You Happy,” a 21-minute choreopoem I wrote and directed that premiered at the Broach Theatre as part of the Greensboro, NC, 3rd Annual Fringe Festival. Linkages exist between this performance, my ongoing research on racial and spatial politics and other works including a thesis film for my MA in Dance and Related Studies (Film, Theatre and History) degree. The film was partly shot in Stockholm at the invitation of the late choreographer/filmmaker/director Donya Feuer. After seeing one of her documentaries on the Ovation channel, I wrote the network to express my appreciation. She wrote back. An invite to film her working with children on Shakespearean monologues, a project she’d begun after developing ties with Ted Hughes, soon followed. I’d film her and “make it up” as we went. My making it up resulted in a film addressing loss, which dovetails with a recent group of paintings I did between the fall and spring semester.

Holiday weekends present moments to reflect. For that and more, I am grateful. I am especially grateful because these days I don’t get to create very often. Some of my work I share with my local VA hospital. I remember the vets via my art and on weekends paying homage for their service. I remember, too, the value in stopping to think. Lorraine Hansberry once said we should never be afraid of stopping to think awhile. I hear you, Lorraine.

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