Hope I have not watered this little fella too much. It’s been a week since I got it from my dear friend Lane McClelland. We toasted last week to her earning her doctorate and my earning tenure.



It’s been moment after moment of smiles with good souls including one person to whom we wish all the best as he heads to Augusta. Holly Pinheiro, we will miss you, Teresa and Banana!


Meanwhile, the kale and peas courtesy of Columbus, Ohio’s (Not) Sheep Gallery are coming in. Thank you, Caren!IMG_5428.JPG

I am excited about sharing some of my work in your gallery next month and July. I paint mostly to decompress. Have not been regularly affiliated with a gallery since 2005, if memory serves. I mostly paint things I give away. We will see how this goes. She’s not expecting to move much. If I make anything, it will go to more supplies and more sharing. See the work I made this past holiday below.

Speaking of painting, it was so nice to meet Stan Murphy, a Tuscaloosa trial attorney with the biggest heart and sense of humor. He’s the son of the great Jay and Alberta Murphy, renowned Civil Rights attorneys. It was Jay’s paintings my husband found on the side of the road a few weeks ago. Here’s to more great conversations! According to the Alabama Law Review tribute issue to Jay, Jay believed in the essential goodness of every human being. Yes!




Stan gave us this copy of an Alabama Law Review featuring tributes to his dad who passed away in 1991.

And here are some sunflower seeds from last summer’s sunflowers. I have put some of them in the ground and they are sprouting, too! The gardenias are also out!



Now for a moment to make a concoction a dean at my undergrad university shared. Hoping it will help our apple tree that is not having a good spring at all! Spotted leaves. Peaches looking puny, too.


All this as I read through possible books for next semester and revised syllabi, but above all, make moments to rest. Stopped by Ernest & Hadley, an indie bookseller in town, and bought two possible titles for my Antebellum America and American Civilization Since 1865 classes.unnamed.jpg

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