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Just proctored the final final exam for my American Civilization Since 1865 class.

It is my FINAL final because I am tired of being assigned to the last day of final exams for several years now. The end of finals week is a time when the students want to get out of here and some of them think of every reason in the world to take it sooner. That or we run into problems with weddings, graduation and new jobs. The “last” exam will take place before Thanksgiving from here on out and all other lesson plans will pivot from that assessment. Roll Tide on that!

On a brighter note, while walking back from the Lloyd lecture hall, my husband and I stopped in the University of Alabama’s Gorgas House Museum to check on the “Space Matters “exhibit. I was so pleased to see the feedback waiting for us, which figures into the installation curated with inspiration from course content in my Fall 2018 Antebellum America class. Check it out!







I also appreciated the comments of someone who apparently missed other learning moments offered at this website.




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