American History

Let’s do it

HY 104 – American Civilization Since 1865 – Dr. Green

Study Guide for Final Exam Spring 2019

  1. What is détente?
  2. What is the Strategic Defense Initiative, or Star Wars?
  3. Who is Phyllis Schlafly?
  4. What is Proposition 13?
  5. What is neoliberalism?
  6. Who is Jimmy Carter and why does the Panama Canal matter to his legacy?
  7. What is the Sunbelt?
  8. What is the Rust Belt?
  9. Who is Barry Goldwater and which key events involve his life?
  10. Who is Lyndon Johnson and which key events involve his life?
  11. What is the Viet Cong?
  12. What is Freedom Summer?
  13. What is the Tonkin Resolution?
  14. Who is Alfred Kinsey?
  15. What is redlining?
  16. What is the GI Bill?
  17. What is the Fair Employment Practices Commission?
  18. What is the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938?
  19. What is the Cold War?
  20. What is the arsenal of democracy?
  21. What is Hooverville?
  22. What is the New Deal?
  23. What is the New Right?
  24. What is the New Negro?
  25. What is the Red Summer?
  26. What is the Red Scare?
  27. What is Prohibition?

Postscript: Lovely session, Class. We did that!



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