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I loved Beyonce’s Homecoming, which premiered on Netflix this week. It brought back memories of driving to Florida A & M University since I was a preteen for the Classic and especially when I was a student at the University of Miami. There is something about being on a historically black college campus that can be invigorating. We are not perfect in our “blackness,” but collectively, we can be powerful. All of this shows up in Homecoming. I also appreciated Beyonce being open about her trials as a mother, woman and parent. IMG_4953.JPG

Quotations from her many noted figures, including Audre Lorde, were moving. Nina Simone’s voice always makes me sit up and pay attention, too.


I thought of family. I thought of dancing on the football fields of stadiums in my native (Miami) Dade County, Florida as a high school student.


Those were the days. This is what we say at any rate. Memory can be tricky.

Loving, too, these flowers showing out all over our yard this spring.IMG_4947.JPG

There is so much beauty around us.

And yes, I am still thinking about the Tuesday Space Matters installation and Dolen Perkins-Valdez’ comments about racial trauma in physical spaces (Thanks to Alabama Public Radio and Alex AuBuchon for the shout-out!). Still thinking, too, of my amazing students.

But back to the Beyonce…I am seeing her baby sister Solange in London this summer. Yasssss. LoveBox alright.

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