American History · spatial politics

space mattered alright

Tonight’s Space Matters event went very well. I was so pleased to see Kayla Merritt, Jamie Bonner, Lara Cuomo and Jake Osachy, four students from last semester’s “Antebellum America” course not only introducing the event, but asking questions of our guest speaker during the Q & A again and again!

Jake, Lara, Kayla and Jamie introducing the Space Matters event at the University of Alabama’s Gorgas House.

I was also overjoyed when I got home and saw great extra credit responses to the event from students enrolled in my “American Civilization Since 1865” class!

I also appreciated the openness of New York Times bestselling author Dolen Perkins-Valdez, our guest speaker, on the issue of trigger warnings. Do we or don’t we need them on books addressing difficult matters including racial trauma?


During her talk, she addressed the trauma embedded in space, something she experienced while visiting a museum in Richmond addressing Confederate history.

It was a great evening. I enjoyed seeing so many colleagues including Hilary Green, Julia Brock, Kari Frederickson, Lesley Gordon, John Giggie and Lane McClelland. I am so grateful to Brandon Thompson, Director of the Gorgas House Museum, and his amazing docents, for the chance to share! For more on this event, click this link.


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