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April 16 Space Matter Sign.png

Work continues on the upcoming Space Matters installation that will open with New York Times bestselling author Dolen Perkins-Valdez reading from a short story set in the South. We are in the final stretch. The above image was sent to the University of Alabama’s eTech folks for view on hallway television monitors around campus.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed supporting a UA tekkie who is also a fashion designer during a quick trip to Nashville where his work was shown as part of Nashville’s Fashion Week. While travel snafus prevented me from seeing the show, I saw another designer’s show and most importantly, spent some time with my dear friend Jill Campbell, a Nashville native who grew up in Miami, my hometown; tekkie extraordinaire and Birmingham-native Derek Matthews, his fellow designer Daniel and their model-friend, Paula, a native of Melbourne, Florida (I yelped when I said “Eau Gallie,” the Melbourne community in which Zora Neale Hurston unsuccessfully tried to purchase a house owing to discriminatory housing practices, and Paula replied with recognition, “Eau Gallie!”).

It was a wonderful way to celebrate getting tenure this week. Yay!

Below is a photo of a skirt I am wearing that Derek of Love & Osker designed a couple of years ago. I think it is so important to support one another as we journey on toward our many shared passions.

Me, Derek and one of my childhood besties, Jill.


Art on my hotel’s wall.
As some folks know, I love the history of trains. It figures into my teaching and research on emerging urban life. This image from the L & N Railroad was in my hotel, a historic spot in the Ville. Loved seeing Miami on the schedule.
Jean Basquiat, the late artist, on my hotel room wall.


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