another great evening


Another great evening.

My heart is full.

It was an honor to hear Imani Perry speak on campus today. What most stayed with me was her sharing how it is okay to be committed to academic rigor while also being open to sharing the “full human being” in yourself and the historical actors on which you focus. These words mean a lot as I turn to Zora Neale Hurston, who figures into my present study on racial and spatial politics on the Florida peninsula. As I learn more about her life, I am discovering so many tensions between her and Lorraine Hansberry – even though both women were quite different politically, as Perry noted this evening.

Which connections will the graduate students make between Hansberry as offered in Perry’s book, one of their earlier assigned readings, and Hettie Jones, the subject of tomorrow’s assigned reading? There are connections between both writers and women introduced in other works we’ve discussed, too. Also, we will read Les Blancs, one of Hansberry’s lesser known plays.

Beyond that, I am loving all of the amazing posters on campus this month at the University of Alabama. See one of my absolute favorites below. Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi is the author of yet another assigned reading in my Gender, Race and Urban Space course this semester.



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