bahamians · key west

black Bahamians in Key West and Beyond


It’s late, but I am packed. Before bed, I looked through a scrapbook and found this old picture of me in my twenties. I am standing in Key West at the southernmost point of the United States.

The year is 1992.

Headed there to speak 6pm Thursday at Custom House, 281 Front Street in Key West as an invited guest of the Key West Art and Historical Society. I’ll address some of the issues raised in my upcoming book concerning how across time some of the most unlikely people, among them black Bahamians who helped settle Florida at the turn of the century, accomplished amazing things.

For more, see an article here.

Meanwhile, I am ready for the semester. School starts tomorrow. My teaching assistants will take over for my students in American Civilization Since 1865 (I sent the class a video hello this past Sunday). I met some of the students enrolled in my grad class downtown on Sunday, too.

Finally, that was a hard loss to Clemson on Monday, but still love me some Crimson Tide. Looking forward for a better season for the University of Miami next year and for Alabama to do what it does even better. #RollTide. #TheU

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