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From time to time, I review my name on the Internet. A professor in my doctoral program suggested such a routine to my cohort. The end of a semester always seemed like as good a time as any to do this. While doing as much last week, I stumbled upon a painting I did many years ago (was it 2000?). This was before I left New York for graduate school. It was so wonderful reconnecting with the person who owns it. She bought it in a gallery that once repped me. Seeing it led to the idea of stillness, something I appreciate as I look forward to the coming four-week break now that grades are in.

I do not think I will create anything during this break as I have done in prior ones to clear my head as I either get ready to teach again or do research. I did take the time to find photographs of work I have done in the past (even one I did when I was in fifth grade! It was given to me by my elementary art school teacher Magda Bader). It is in a slideshow I quickly made mostly for me.

I wanted to remind myself of many things including how creativity figures into so many ways I approach my time here on this planet including teaching. I am still thinking of the students who created their own beats in my Bebop to Hip Hop course a couple of years ago and ones who appeared in a music video a few years back and ones who early this semester sketched in a campus Starbucks to get us on our way to thinking about antebellum America.

Above is a picture of stuff mostly connected to a residency I had in Iceland last year. Some of my discoveries during that visit are offered in an essay I wrote that will appear in a soon-to-be published edited collection. I am looking forward to seeing that book, discussing my latest research in Key West next month, and meeting new students.

PS The slideshow includes a photo of the late Tomata du Plenty, a punk rocker I met on South Beach in 1992 who taught a sidewalk drawing course. I can still remember our reception in a dive bar and the mural the “class” (just four people) created. That was an exceptionally cool time worth remembering. I feel very fortunate to smile at all of the many good moments that still happen. On the other side of 2019, let’s do it again.

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