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Each semester I feel sentimental as I dump a pile of exams into the recycling bin and replace them with new ones from my teaching assistants. I look at certain student names and smile and wonder what kind of world these students will help make.

I like this moment. It is a time when I pull down old fliers and postcards to put up new ones (or new “old” ones).

It also nice slowing down enough to see what’s around us. The new businesses downtown still floor me. Ttown has grown up (again).


The look of autumn/winter still surprises this Miami girl who has lived in many cold places.



So does the taste of cinnamon. A sprinkle of it now in my morning drinks also makes some of my days a lot better.


So does taking down my braids to see how much new hair has replaced the hair I cut off.

Ready for you, 2019. Let’s do it. #RollTide #TheU






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