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Most of the plants are in the greenhouse as the temps continue to dip. I love my begonias and so glad we have enough cuttings to start more! I love, too, the tomatoes that are still coming in.


Late last week found us in Birmingham at the Southern Historical Association meeting, a wonderful place to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones in academe.



What good times we had!



I also visited the Birmingham Museum of Art, which has the best soup!IMG_3003.JPG


The above image taken at the museum is right on time as I continue addressing the Civil Rights movement in my American Civilization Since 1865 class on this rainy day before moving on to the counterculture movement and Vietnam. I’ll show the below Youtube clip of Marvin Gaye singing “What’s Going On” and “What’s Happening, Brother,” two tunes he released on his 1971 “What’s Going On” album as a means of addressing the uncertainty in that period. His brother, Frankie, was a radio operator in Vietnam. His letters to Gaye about the war suggested his unhappiness with the injustices he saw overseas. I am grateful to Frankie for his service with the recent celebration of Veterans Day in mind.

So many  issues that were pertinent then are circling again before us. Perhaps this is why I love my football. It’s a chance to cheer for hometown teams, but to also just yell and scream to get it all out, right?


Roll Tide! And yes, my Cowboys won last night, too. Still rooting and waiting for #TheU.

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