kentuck moment


Love this piece by Laci LaVoy at Booker T. Washington Magnet High School in Montgomery, Alabama. I bought it at Tuscaloosa’s annual Kentuck Festival of the Arts. Hats off to Laci and her classmates for making it to the fest even though they had just three weeks to prepare after seeing their school destroyed by fire. And she is thinking about coming to Alabama and becoming a History major! Roll Tide!IMG_2737.JPG


I love my new earrings, too. They are designed by Kerry Lesure of HereaChickthereaChick.


Hung a new textile sailing piece by Sharon Tesser on our walls, today, too. Lovely work. This brief time at the fest and seeing lots of friends from campus made my day.IMG_2736.JPG

PS Loved season finale of #WarriorsofLiberty City. Laptop on my lap. Writing, laughing, smiling crying. What a show. Miss my Miami.

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