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women matters

IMG_2631.JPGLoving my final playlist for my Gender, Race and (Urban) Space Spring 2019 course.

2 thoughts on “women matters

  1. Thanks for these additional recommendations. Wench was an interesting read. I love historical fiction and I learned a lot about Ohio black history, which piqued my interest since my father-in-law was from there. Thanks again!

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  2. You’re welcome! I love Wench. While Balm, Dolen’s latest, situates women directly into the city – specifically Chicago – Wench is still my fave as you have time to really spend time with one character of African descent and see what it was like for her to leave the plantation South and head to Ohio. The day trip into Dayton is one of my favorite scenes! Oh, and read Nikki Taylor’s Driven to Madness, which is about Margaret Garner’s escape to Ohio and resulting murder of her child likely produced from a rape by her master following recapture.


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