One exam to proctor and then it’s over.

Highlight of the day: an email from a purported sixth grader in Pike Road, Alabama, who wants to know about the future of humanities. B68CDB5E-8A9A-4B5F-984A-DF1F18F593F9

I hope he becomes my pen pal. It’s not my area of expertise, but I shared what could.

In my favorite Harriet Tubman shirt, I shared what I could.

I find strength in the memory of my Grandma who was a domestic chastised for not being free to clean someone’s house because she had to babysit us.

I find strength in the historical actors I study and share with others who faced worse indignities.

This summer while caring for someone dear I’ll participate in two conferences, but only one in person. Turning 50 and assessing all that is before me helps me make such decisions.

Blame Harriet. You’ll be free or die she told anyone on the run who wanted to turn back. Zoom.

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