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A Sydney Gruber piece. I know the walls where this will someday hang.

After getting through what is usually a difficult lecture on slavery, but turned out not to be as hard to offer as it has been in the past, I had a bit of fun.

My sorority sister Kaye McKendrick had earlier invited me to Kentuck Art Center in Northport, Alabama, to judge art by local students.

Local student whose work was part of a  contest sponsored by the Tuscaloosa chapter of The Links, Incorporated.

I was pleased to do just that even though it’s hard to judge art. I think all of the students did great.

It is always good seeing my dear friend-sister Kaye.

It was also a wonderful time to learn more about the art being created in greater Tuscaloosa. I can’t resist new pieces. I purchased two from Sydney Gruber.

IMG_0849 copy.JPG
We enjoyed learning about art in Birmingham via Lorrie Lane whose daughter has a studio and runs a gallery up there.

I also had great conversations with two other artists who have studios in the area: painter Lorrie Lane and and metalsmith Steve Davis.

It was a pleasure meeting Steve Davis. His fun pieces put a smile on my face.

While there, I was reminded again of the way in which art makes this world a better place. Corny as it sounds, it’s true.

This piece is titled “Tornado Quilt.” It is a homage to the tornado that came through here seven years ago next month.

I was especially intrigued to see a wall hanging by Yvonne Wells. It was made of found objects following the 2011 tornado that roared this community. I arrived here three weeks later.

A close up of the tornado quilt.

As we get through this transition in seasons, I pray for continued good weather. I look forward to also returning again and again to Kentuck.

PS Off topic, but not entirely…I am lucky to teach some of the coolest students.

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