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happy new year

happy new year card.JPG
Quick new year card made for a friend.

As I have said elsewhere, 2017, you are in a forever time out corner and 2018, I am watching you. Meanwhile, Happy New Year! We’ve already started putting away holidays decorations, among them wonderful cards from friends who had their eyes on Alabama four weeks ago.

holiday cards wrapped.JPG
I always tie our holiday cards with ribbon before storing.

As I reflect on the year ahead, I’ll be thinking about the great meal had today intended to bring luck  and blessings the way greens and black-eyed peas are supposed to do.

new year meal.JPG
Meal brings new year blessings (we pray).

Tote bag filled with books for the new semester. Abstract written for a conference. Beginnings of an essay (or is it the next book in progress – finally!) written, too, over the break.

But for now, another week of rest and yes, that Bama-Clemson game tonight. I like how Georgia is putting it on Oklahoma. SEC forever!



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