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This is what the holiday break looks like.

A time to watch our kitties teach us how to rest.

A time to think of work that still calls (in this case, my ongoing research which inserts race and space (and sport history) into a look at the Florida peninsula.


A time, too, to reflect on my 50th journey around the sun, which included a trip to Iceland.  I played in recent days with fish leather purchased there.


I enjoyed, too, a book by Tiffany Haddish, a comedian who appeared in Girls Trip, one of a few films I saw this year (and by far, the funniest one I have seen since The Birdcage). The book was a gift. Haddish remains funny in this book, but now I know more about the pain behind the laughter. I was forced to think of all the women who have come before both of us and how they, too, had to laugh through so much.


There were other books presented as gifts including one I thought I already had, but seemed to no longer be on a shelf.IMG_9669.JPG

I got the one below, too. Oh, yes, preparing to teach American Civilization Since 1865 next fall. Since Bebop to Hip Hop is no longer on the teaching menu, gotta get music back in there somehow.


And then there were the gifts I gave including the light box below, which my better half quickly used to create words about our current political system. He’s got many jokes.

And for now, we breathe through it. Yes, yoga is especially lovely now.

Happy New Year, All.


PS Loving the grapefruit in our local grocery store (from Texas) …IMG_9620.JPG

and memory of Kwanzaa Mae. She appeared on the cover to the NAACP’s The Crisis magazine 20 years ago.IMG_9709.JPG

the 46th in a series although not one in my first book, which is about a bunch of women named Mae. 

This was my very first commissioned work. Thank you again, The Crisis.

Brings back memories. Yes, Happy Kwanzaa, too.



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