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Vogue image 4.jpgJust getting over a bad flu. Got through a lecture in today’s “American Civilization to 1865” and had last Beats Lab for students enrolled in “Bebop to Hip Hop: Music and Young America.”

It was the last time I asked to skim the journals they have been keeping as they make beats that they will present to each other the last week of the semester right before the Final Exam.  I was very impressed to see how they are progressing and what they write.

I especially appreciated their honesty. Some of them prefer working alone and not with a partner.

And some are not that keen on GarageBand. Like me, some are finding other ways to mix music and/or make beats. Some chose to use our Sanford Media Center. Others did not. I like how they found a way to create in their own way with as much or as little supervision as they needed. Creativity even in a classroom where a grade will be the end result needs that kind of openness, I think.

Indeed, some knew a bit or a lot about music  – whether performing it or writing songs or something else entirely – before this course so I am learning with them.

Vogue image 1.JPG

I look forward to hearing what they create.

Meanwhile, we turn to globalization and how it looks in the messy postwar period next week. A documentary on Bob Marley will figure in.

But before all that…here’s a mix I made tonight just to make sure I don’t lose my own skills with certain software. I made this mix using I-Movie and GarageBand sparingly and then uploaded to, a site some of the students may use to present their own mixes. They have a choice of whether to use their own name or a pseudonym and whether to use this website, or the university box.

Vogue image 5.JPG

For now, Roll Tide (And it’s all about the U. Looking forward to that Miami-Notre Dame game this weekend. Who knew? Miami in the top 10 again with the Tide. This might be fun).


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