happiness is…


Happiness is watching our cats enjoy the sun, knowing cooler days are ahead.


I also enjoyed seeing  “The Grant Green Story” get over 1000 hits on Youtube and the art purchased yesterday at Kentuck. All for my home office.

And then there was the sight of the planes flying overhead on Saturday, reminding me of my hope for freedom for everyone in these uncertain times.

I loved, too, being reinspired again by my niece who has urged me to wear red lipstick again. I got a free lipstick from M.A.C. at Belk. The color’s name: All Fired Up. That sounds about right.


IMG_8666 (1)
Another new piece of art purchased yesterday at Kentuck. I love it. Something about standing tall even with battered sails It was made by Amber Anne Palo.



Brunswick stew made by the better half and a colleague from Am Studies for our tailgate against the Tennessee Vols this past weekend. Yummy!

IMG_8640.JPGI have enjoyed, too, running into favorite former students on the Quad at our two most recent football games. One of them is engaged. Too cool!


IMG_8591 (1).JPG

The recent rain has blessed us with the most beautiful blossoms. Our azaleas look better than ever!


Meanwhile, Midterms have been administered.  Lots of As and Bs in both “American Civilization to 1865” and “Bebop to Hip Hop” courses. Yes!

Fall Break after 4:45 manana.


Beautiful words out on the Quad this past weekend.

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