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music beneath raw footage of reenactment of final drive for beloved guitarist appropriately titled “Pain”

Special thanks to Armen Boladian and Sarah Catlett of Detroit’s Bridgeport for the use of Houston Person’s “Pain” with Grant Green on guitar in “The Grant Green Story.” If you want to hear the song in its entirety under footage from the film, check it out at this link featuring a reenactment of Grant’s final drive. He left his last gig at the Lighthouse nightclub in Hermosa Beach, California, for a gig in Harlem. He drove across the country reportedly with an organ in a U-haul. A fatal heart attack as he approached Harlem led to his death at age 43 in 1979. He was the most recorded artist for Blue Note Records, America’s first independent label.



Special thanks also to the crew who helped us with this film including Bob Andersen, Charles Cirgenski and Janine Menlove who captured this raw footage. This was before iPhones. That black and white and all those scratches are real.

The tune “Pain” was composed by the Ohio Players. Be sure to read the credits to see the names of all of the musicians performing on it. It was recorded live at the Watts Club Mozambique. The late Cornelius Watts, owner of the club, appears in the film as does Michigan Congressman John Conyers Jr. It is an honor to share this work with people from Detroit and ones living in Michigan.  Amazing musicians from that part of the country.

Please stay tuned as the documentary is made more widely available.

Meanwhile, a shout out to Houston Person whose work, like Grant’s, has been sampled by a new generation of musicians, among them Kendrick Lamar, an incredible young performer.


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