african americans · American History · cincinnati

A river

IMG_8435.JPGThis morning, I woke up to the sight of the Ohio River. Once upon a time, on one side lied freedom. On the other was slave territory. The history books now tell us there were different kinds of freedom. Cincinnati was the site of mob attacks on blacks before the Civil War. Although on free soil, they had to fight for many things including the right to receive an education.

By 1856, African Americans here had their own school board. And before long, their own high school. They’d long been paying taxes for these sorts of things. It took a bit of fighting to get them.

I’ll address tomorrow at the ASALH conference the children that Southern white men sent to this state to receive an education. Those freedpeople carried these men’s blood. I’ll refrain from using the word “messy” to name such a situation. But it was.

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