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Red in Green.jpg
My contribution to the “Drawing Set” shows receives inspiration from the late jazz guitarist Grant Green, my former father in law.

I just received news that a piece I created a few weeks back is part of “Drawing Set,” a group show in the Jefferson Market Branch of the New York Public Library. The exhibit will take place in the library’s Little Underground Gallery.

I learned of the submission process via an issue of Esopus, an incredible magazine I stumbled upon. The issue I bought featured removable decals and a sheet of blank paper in the colors cyan, magenta, or yellow. These materials are a courtesy of  artist Marco Maggi. He wanted others to make art. The artists who participated include Kerry James Marshall   and Michael Arad, the architect for the 9/11 memorial. I am super psyched!


I was drawn to the idea of breaking down barriers between creative disciplines. I often approach my research as a historian in an interdisciplinary way so this was right down my alley.


I won’t be able to attend the show which opens with a Sept. 5 reception and closes October 4, but I have shared news of it with friends and family in the area. If you live in New York, or near New York, check it out.IMG_8145.JPG

My piece receives inspiration from the life of the late jazz guitarist Grant Green, who centers a documentary on which I have been working. It will be released soon.

The red in this piece is very present and poses tensions with the way in which color has had great meaning for me in recent years. The significance of a single color meant a lot to Grant Green, my former father in law, as he drove a green Cadillac. He also recorded songs  and albums with the word “green” in it (and he lived on a street and is buried in a St. Louis cemetery bearing the word “green”). I selected the decals that permitted me to create an assembly that invites thoughts of a guitar. The sparseness of this piece also invokes Green’s early death at age 43 in 1979.

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