Textile sculpture in “Where We At” exhibit at Brooklyn Museum

There are no words.


So much has been felt this summer about so much including “loving yourself.” This includes loving yourself as a “brown girl,” as artist-performer-dancer Okwui Okpokwasili shares in her amazing one-woman show “Bronx Gothic,” also the subject of a documentary.

IMG_7533.JPGAnd loving yourself as a woman who sets boundaries as did painter Georgia O’Keefe, the subject of an exhibit at Brooklyn Museum. IMG_7479.JPG

I am grateful for the lessons in progress that gesture toward the things that bring us both together and keep us apart.

Image on display at the “Where We At” exhibit at Brooklyn Museum.

The idea of the gaze on certain bodies and the ability of those same bodies to look out and assess is still on my mind.

Andy Warhol rendering of Georgia O’Keefe in exhibit capturing the feminist in her via her choice of clothing, among other things.

So much to take in.

Bronx Gothic,” amazing documentary about the gaze on the black woman – and her ability to look back out at that world as a means of hoping, assessing and so much more.

All this while being grateful for so many heroes who inspire again and again.

Lobby of Film Forum


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