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Enjoying lovely tea for allergies at The Early Bird in Edinburgh

Tea and breakfast sandwich start my day today as I count down the moments to sharing “The Grant Green Story” with others in Edinburgh.

Cafe with a view of the theatre in which The Grant Green Story will screen.

There is much for which I feel grateful. It has been a long haul and who knows what’s ahead.  Most immediately, always in the back of my mind is the fall semester. Which new students will be before me?

Beautiful thistle in a restaurant visited earlier this week. I feel like I am a foodie queen, but mostly because I am a Trip Advisor queen I always have lots of photos of food in my cell phone. It is another way I track my way through space as a person constructed in many ways ( woman, black, American, lover of that 1970s tv show called “Good Times,” etc).

What can I teach them? What can I learn from them?

At Ronnie Scott's.JPG
Grant at Ronnie Scott’s in London in 1969 (right before he takes a bow).

Before me, too, is the thought of “home” and my family, especially my mother. Home as in Miami, the subject of my next research project, which poses tensions with my ongoing attention to spatial politics in or near the Atlantic. This interest has taken me to Iceland this summer.

In some ways, I feel like I am everywhere and nowhere, but somehow still centered in my hope to make a difference in this world. There. I got it out. And it’s not easy, but I keep on with quiet moments before me. Like the present one in which I will finish this lovely cup of tea.

These are the thoughts before me. There are other ones, among them Jay-Z’s #444 album, his “Footnotes” short doc (can’t wait to tackle it all in my “Bebop to Hip Hop: Music and Young America” course;) news reports and commentary on the “discovery” of Sally Hemings’ “apartment” (“American Civilization to 1865” course in passing?)  and more, but I’ll save that for another time.

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