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five days…

The proprietor of this establishment kindly let us leave fliers for The Grant Green Story.

Five days until the Edinburgh screening of the documentary and serendipity abounds. While leaving a theatre  where I saw “The Beautiful Fantastic,” I walked into a bakery named Greenwood.

The croissants were delicious.

The proprietor was about to close and offered an extra croissant. I loved the name of her establishment. It has the name green in it. Grant Green loved the word green.

He drove a green Cadillac and lived in a street named Greenlawn in Detroit. The word also appears in a number of album and song titles.

Greenwood’s window is lively with words and art.

I think he would have approved of the stop in this shop’s name. I plan to visit again before leaving Scotland.

A view of the Cameo from the bus. Love Edinburgh’s public transportation system.

Yesterday’s outing also found us at St. John’s Episcopal Church for Evening Prayer as opposed to EvenSong. The choir is taking a break to prepare for the busy August festival season.

St. John’s Episcopal Church’s preacher offered yesterday a much needed homily about being open to others who are different from yourself.

One day I’d love to return and stay for several months to enjoy and participate in the rich culture in this part of the world. I especially like the food. The slow-cooked beef in amber ale and mushroom pie at Rose St. Brewery was ridiculously good.

Rose St. Brewery delivered when it came to this dish. Loved this beef pie!
Meanwhile graffiti
I saw this cool piece of art on the way to see “The Beautiful Fantastic” at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

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