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Kenyan girl
Icelandic photographer Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson wants us to know it is a small world after all.

I saw the Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson’s “Metapmorphosis” exhibit at the Reykjavik Museum of Photography. My interest in landscape and urban history was satiated by his way of showing the beauty in the worn down and forgotten.

What touched me the most, however, were the photographs in the adjacent “small world” exhibit. Images of people from Kenya, Iceland, Mexico, Vietnam, Sweden and elsewhere put on display the tapestry of humanity.

Here, Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson presents his fellow Icelanders.

If only we could learn to live together. So much in common and yet so much divides us.

I made it to Edinburgh yesterday. I  saw the beauty that exists, too, in difference as experienced via food.

Serrano & Manchego moment. Yum!

Lovely tapas at Serrano & Manchego still on my mind as I think, too, about next week’s screening of The Grant Green Story at The Cameo.


Peppers tapas from Serrano and Manchego in Edinburgh. Beautiful welcome to the city.

All this with Iceland (and spatial politics research) not entirely in my rearview.

Beautiful view had at Reykjavik’s Hotel 101. Thank you Julia, Omar and Thor, for upgrade and sharing your city with me.


I’ve arrived here still expecting to see water or a mountain or hill on the horizon no matter where I turn. May this continue.

View from Icelandic Flybus on way to airport. Iceland’s ground often looks like what I imagine the moon’s surface looks like.

Our planet is worth such adoration if we could only take the time to stop and see the magic in each other and the world around us.

Okay, my kumbaya moment is up – for now.


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