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excited about screening in rural seaside town today

This photo was taken on Fishermen’s Day in Skagastrond a few weeks back.

Repost from The Grant Green Story’s Facebook page:

Looking forward to 3:30pm free screening today at the NES Artist Residency in Skagastrond, a town of about 540 people in rural Iceland. This particular residency has a film component so it will be interesting to get additional feedback from the perspective of these artists-in-residence.

I understand NES is in an old fishing factory and the communal studio has a freezer room where videos and films are screened. This sounds intriguing.

I checked out some of the work on their website. This visual-poem by Jeff Mertz captures much of what I have felt during the past month here in Iceland at an artist residency in Blonduos.  I also enjoyed the interview with artist Yu Arkai. His thoughts about his approach to creating resonates.

Speaking of which, I enjoyed the feedback from my fellow residents here at Textilsetur. Almost to the finish line – for now.
Meanwhile, up above is a photo taken in Skagastrond when some of us visited there for Fisherman’s Day, the day when all fishermen in Iceland come inland. Love this mural.
PS Edinburgh and the rest of the UK, I see the hits. Looking forward to the screening there at the Cameo two weeks from today. Be sure to buy tickets ahead of time. They offset the hire of the 58-seat theatre for this non-commercial screening followed by talk back.Now he’s some music from Grant. Green Street. Yes.

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