exhibition a sucess

We are a real motley crew. Germany, Sweden, USA, Finland, UK, and Canada in spirit representing.

Yesterday’s exhibition for artists at Textilsetur in Blonduos, Iceland was a success. It was a good way for us to gather and see our work in the same space.

The work of my fellow artists is so beautiful.


My contribution was a 24-second video of fiber that poses tensions with the screening of the jazz documentary on which I have been working about the late jazz guitarist Grant Green, my former father-in-law.

Afterwards, some of us took a walk up on a nearby hill and as we returned, we saw a beautiful rainbow that, I hope, is a sign of good things to come for us all.

The sunset last night was beautiful, too. Meanwhile, artist talk in four minutes. Must go.IMG_6551.JPG

Postscript: The Artist Talk was a wonderful communal moment. We all commented on each other’s work. Some of us explained our intentions or the things through which we are sorting, and in my case, often learning to let go. Community, womanhood, history, space, the ancient alongside modernity (whatever that means) and beyond, such things were invoked, and not.



Rainbow glimpsed in Blonduos last night. May it bring goodness to us all.
Sarah Chu, one of the artists in residence here, found this discarded poppy during our walk. Who would discard a poppy?
Look at God.

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